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Nine Years of Smooching

I am big on celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries holidays, you name it. But the last two years of our marriage I have been checked out. The last couple years have been the hardest as far as our marriage and family goes. I found myself being depressed and seeing no hope for anything. During my last pregnancy I basically laid in bed and did nothing. My amazing husband had to cook dinner, bathe and work from home, all while I barked ugly stuff to him every once in awhile. I was not myself and my whole family could see it. What I didn’t know is that I was coming to a breaking point and finding out that I struggle with ADHD made so much sense. After getting diagnosed everything came together and I realized that I wasn’t broken, dumb, or lazy. I just needed better strategies to live life. All this to say that my amazing husband stuck through it all with me until this day supports me like only a few other people have in this lifetime. Aside from Jesus and my momma, I owe my life to my husband. I would not have stayed with me if I had been treated the way I treated him. This man stuck with me just like he promised he would nine years ago. So this year I’m going all out celebrating our marriage together- through the good and the bad. Through the changes, the growth, and the trials. He is not perfect, he is still getting better with our kids, with me, people in general, but the commitment and servitude demonstrated by him was a living example of Jesus. I love you Lowell, with my everything. ❤❤❤

PS. Can’t wait to smooch you tonight on our Pandemic face-masked covered date without a chorus of “ewww” from the tiny humans we’ve made. 😘