“I love to help women who are in the stage of life where they are bringing new life into the world. It can rock your world, it will bring up stuff from your past that you thought you were over. It will force you and dad to reconsider your current reality. Let me help. It can get overwhelming and bordering on darkness- but I’m here to remind you that things ALWAYS change. Nothing ever stays that same. With help, we can get you to adjusted to your new life and thrive in your new normal!

I have a passion and a calling in helping moms and new parents figure out how to make the adjustments in life for thriving in this state of life. I have a certification in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International, am a Gottman Educator for Bringing Baby Home, as well as a Level 1 Gottman Couples Therapist. I also have trauma training from the Alaska Institute of Trauma.

Being a new parent, trying to conceive, postpartum, or losing a child or pregnancy and/or experiencing a traumatic birth is one of the most, if not, the most, hardest things to endure as a human being. In this time of losing yourself- Let me help you find your new normal and thrive while in this stage of life.”

Vanessa is a licensed therapist for the states of Alaska and Texas. Her specialty and passion is for perinatal mental health, which includes planning for baby, pregnancy, traumatic birth, postpartum, loss, etc. If you are interested in getting connected with her, reach out to her at hopemends@gmail.com. Call or text 907-416-3500.