Hello, Again!

Vanessa here. I started this blog after my second baby. This is an intro for the newbies and an update for those following a while.

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my fifth baby, our second girl! I like black & white photography, especially influenced by works of Robert Doisneau. I like music of all kinds, Parisean themed memorabilia and food! I am a crafter at heart- I like to reupholster old chairs or couches, revamp our living space, paint, oil pastels, etc. I enjoy going to the movies, singing, and traveling. I love  Jesus and we follow the Biblical holidays and eat Biblically kosher. 

My husband is born in Alaska and I am from Texas, so we spend half the year in each state to make sure our kiddos see family on both sides. We homeschool our offspring since before it was mandatory with this pandemic.

I am a licensed professional counselor that specializes in pregnancy and postpartum mental health. I am a survivor of pregnancy & postpartum depression, and traumatic birth myself. I also have ADHD (diagnosed 2 yrs ago!) which makes life a rollercoaster sometimes!  

I have been married nine years to a match made on eHarmony. He’s my total opposite; a stoic, quiet, honest engineer who is a super theologian and he is my rock! Someone once told us that I was the kite and he is the anchor. I help him have a little more fun and let loose and he helps bring me back down to earth and keeps us sane! We are a mixed couple (I am Hispanic and he is Caucasian). We have five kiddos: “W”, 8 year old boy, “M”, 5 year old boy, “G”, 3 year old boy, & “C” 1 year old girl. And we have our second baby girl due in August. 

I am excited to share with you our life journey, diy projects, travel tips for large families, tiny living and minimal lifestyle and help spread awareness for mental health, and occasionally have Lowell share some deep thoughts and theological goodies. 😉

I originally started this blog during my second postpartum era in 2014. Sleepless nights had me  pondering that my stories could be shared and someone might benefit from them. Six years later, we have added a new career change for my husband, a license in two states for me and going full time into private practice as a counselor, as well as three more tiny humans. Life has been busy! Now that I find myself with so much time on my hands, 😏 because of this world-wide pandemic, I have decided to revamp this blog. I want to make it a place to share my stories, adventures, and create a community of mending hearts, mending relationships, mending life…because there’s HOPE!