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Full Heart

Today my heart is full. I got a girl date with my daughters at a tiny local market with live music, cute handmade shop merch to look at, impromptu puppy therapy, and hanging out with my friend Juniper who serenaded me and the baby belly with her Native American flute. It was peaceful and nice, and so needed for my outgoing, extrovert soul. 

This pandemic season has been unquestionably difficult for everyone. As I have shared before, our plans for this summer and year, really, have had to change so much. There are several things that have some semblance of normalcy, but we are not in the clear yet. As humans we are so resilient. We just have to focus on the good (new puppy cuddles) and not what we continue to miss out on. Hang in there. Things always change. Even when you don’t want them to, they do. Things cannot stay frozen in time. One way or another, everything changes. This season of waiting will too.