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Camper Living

Winterizing the fifth wheel! Lowell is having ‘fun’ (fun because he gets to figure out how to make it fully winterized, and he loves engineering puzzles). Using Arctic Engineering for getting it all ready and livable for the winter months we live in it until we go back to Texas for the warmth. 

Five years ago Lowell bought this fifth wheel for $1,000. It was definitely a fixer upper, but it was the beginning of our favorite pass time as a couple, and now as a family, renovating and DIY projects.

It has been 3 or 4 years since we lived here full time. We are now going to be residing here and livingĀ  #thecamperlife. This summer we worked on the well (that’s me on the pully system L created), and got the finishing touches done for electric and even put up a tent for extra storage and homeschool area.

It’s nice to have a place of your own (no more broken antiquities or scratched cars 😳 sorry, again mother in law)! We have felt closer as a family and less stressed due to a smaller space and less junk. We are able to do little by little touch-ups make it our own. Being that we have a home in Texas that we’re still paying off, this has been super helpful financially. Would you ever try something like this? Or if you have what are some of your favorite memories that you have with your family?