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A Good Cry

When you are well, a good cry should regulate you, not sink you.

This past week was stressful, all fun to me (event planning for Feast of Tabernacles), but a lot to juggle for my ADHD brain. Have I mentioned I have five children and we live in an RV? I am not faint hearted! So you know I had a lot going on… 

So the last night of planning, right before Shabbat started, I finally hit the last straw (cell falling in toilet) and I just cried. And it didn’t stop, for like fifteen minutes. It was a good cleansing cry and then I wiped my face and was ready to keep going.

These last few years before being diagnosed with ADHD, my symptoms led to a ton of depression. So now that I have better ways of ‘life’ing and have felt like myself again. But I began feeling so afraid of “losing” it like before. Losing my temper, my patience, my laughter, my joy…

So that day when I cried, let it all out and then was back to normal, I was so happy! I was happy I cried! I was happy because I cried but did not get  depressed. I had been holding back thinking if I cried, it would break me, sink me back into depression.

I tell my clients all the time. When you are imbalanced, that is when you especially need outside help. The things that help include counseling, meds/vitamins/supplements, spiritual support, and physical movement. Needing help is not that you are weak or lazy. Don’t wait to get help. Even professional counselors need professional counseling.

When you are well, a good cry should regulate you, not sink you.

P. S. My cell phone made it through its terrifying event it is operating just fine. I won’t need to retire it just yet.